The RCLD at Georgia State provides comprehensive standardized assessment for students with suspected learning disorders.

These affordable assessments:

  • Are for students experiencing academic difficulties related to reading, writing, math, learning, attention, organization, communication and mood.
  • Identify learning differences and make recommendations for individualized accommodations that may be appropriate for the postsecondary environment.

Commonly Diagnosed Disorders

  • Learning Disabilities
  • ADHD
  • Communication Disorders
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Depression and Mood Related Disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Acquired Brain Injuries

Students do not need to be evaluated at an RCLD if they prefer a private evaluation. If a student already has documentation, it should be submitted to the disability services office at his or her institution.

Evaluation Process

University System of Georgia (USG) Students

To be eligible to receive an evaluation from the RCLD at Georgia State, one must be

  • currently enrolled in one of our referring Board of Regents' colleges or universities, or
  • admitted for enrollment, or
  • undergoing special admissions review.

Students must be referred to the RCLD Georgia State by the disability services provider (DSP) at their institution.

Schools Served by the RCLD at Georgia State  

High School and Technical School Students

On a space available basis, the RCLD at Georgia State may be authorized to serve students not accepted to a USG institution, such as

  • Students enrolled in the Technical College System of Georgia
  • High school students in transition to college

To determine if the RCLD at GSU is currently able to provide services to a non-USG student, please contact the RCLD at Georgia State.

All students with suspected learning differences who are seeking testing at the RCLD at Georgia State should complete an application packet.  The packet contains both information about the RCLD and several forms and questionnaires that should be filled out by the student.

University System of Georgia Students

Contact the disability services provider (DSP) at your school to assist in determining that an evaluation is necessary. Request a referral packet (general information, questionnaires, etc.) from the DSP. Complete the packet and return to the DSP.

When the DSP receives the completed referral packet, he/she

  • Will check the referral packet to be sure all of the necessary pieces are present
  • Will mail the packet to the RCLD at Georgia State for review
  • Will not read the information. All information sent to a center will be kept strictly confidential.

High School Students

Contact the RCLD at Georgia State to determine if referrals are being taken at this time, and if so, obtain a referral packet.  Complete referral packet, and return it to the RCLD at Georgia State by mail.  Include your payment with the packet.

When the packet has been received and reviewed, the RCLD at Georgia State will contact you to schedule your appointment.

**Please note that high school students are seen on a space available basis.

Technical School Students

Contact the Access Office or Office of Disability Services at your institution. Ask to speak with the disability services provider (DSP) who is coordinating disability services for students at your college. Request a referral packet from the DSP.  The DSP may refer you directly to the RCLD at Georgia State to obtain the packet. If so, contact the RCLD at Georgia State at 404 413-6245 to determine if referrals are being taken at this time, and if so, obtain a referral packet. Complete the referral packet and return it to the RCLD at Georgia State by mail. Include your payment with the packet.

When the packet has been received and reviewed, the RCLD at Georgia State will contact you to schedule your appointment.

**Please note that technical school students are seen on a space available basis.

RCLD at Georgia State Mailing Address

Regents Center for Learning Disorders
P.O. Box 3995
Atlanta, GA 30302
404 413-6245
[email protected]

To avoid a delay in scheduling

  • Follow the provided instructions carefully
  • Make sure that the referral packet is complete
  • Include the required deposit

**Please note that rhe evaluation of students under the age of 18 requires parent consent.

After a packet has been received, the RCLD will review the documentation.  If important information is missing from the packet, the RCLD at Georgia State will request the information from the student.   The required deposit must be received before scheduling.

When it has been determined that a packet is complete, the RCLD at Georgia State will contact the student to schedule the appointments. Evaluations are conducted at the RCLD at Georgia State located in the Urban Life Building on Georgia State's campus.

All information will be kept as confidential as state and federal regulations allow.

The typical evaluation takes approximately eight hours, and is typically scheduled over two days, with 4 to 4½ hours sessions each day.  After the evaluation is complete, the student is required to attend a feedback session with a licensed psychologist to review the results and recommendations. The student may bring anyone to the feedback session.  Following feedback, the student will receive a written report describing the evaluation results and recommendations, typically within 2-3 weeks after feedback.  This report will not be shared with anyone else without the student's written permission. In order to receive accommodations, however, the student must provide the DSP with a copy of the evaluation report.

Day 1 4-5 hours Clinical interview, a battery of educational, psychological, and cognitive tests to assess a student's intellectual ability and academic achievement in core areas, (i.e., reading, math, and written language)
Day 2 4-5 hours Continuation of a battery of tests to assess academic achievement, as well as a student's cognitive and linguistic processing abilities, and other psychological factors that might impact learning
Feedback 1-2 hours Review the test results
Make recommendations for academic accommodations and other support services
Answer any questions
Written Report -- Describes all the tests that were administered and the scores obtained
Documents the presence of any disability that warrants academic accommodation
Lists appropriate accommodations and other recommendations

The evaluation currently costs $500 (additional costs are covered by the University System of Georgia Board of Regents). The student is asked to include a $250 deposit in the packet that is mailed to the center prior to the appointment. The balance of $250 should be paid at the first appointment. The student will not be allowed to continue her or his evaluation until payment has been received in full.

Methods of payment include:

  • cash
  • check
  • money order
  • credit card

Insurance--The RCLD at Georgia State does not file for insurance payments, but will provide students with the necessary documentation so that they may file with their insurance carrier after they have made full payment. Students should be aware that many insurance plans will not reimburse them for this type of evaluation.

Third Party Payments (e.g., Department of Rehabilitation Services, Veteran Affairs)--The client must supply the RCLD at Georgia State with an official letter from the third party (on letterhead) authorizing services and detailing payment information.  This letter should be submitted with the referral packet.