What to Include in Documentation in Order to Meet BOR Guidelines

The information provided in this section is designed to help evaluators know specifically what needs to be included in documentation in order to meet the Board of Regents guidelines for documenting a disability. Carefully following these guidelines will create a smooth process for students who are seeking accommodations.  Accommodations are specifically related to data included in the evaluation report in addition to other information provided by the student.

The Board of Regents Academic Affairs Handbook describes the policies and procedures approved by the Board of Regents in serving students with disabilities. The Regents Centers follow these guidelines when reviewing documentation provided by students seeking accommodations. Below are links to the relevant sections.

Additional Information

Suggested Assessment Measures 

The measures listed in this document are merely examples of tests that can be used to measure skills in these areas. Evaluators may elect to use one or more test(s) in the areas of achievement, processing, and social emotional or select others with which they are familiar, as long as the identifying areas are appropriately assessed.