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To be eligible for testing at the RCLD a student must be

  • currently enrolled in one of our referring Board of Regents' colleges or universities, or
  • admitted for enrollment, or
  • undergoing special admissions review.

Board of Regents' Colleges and Universities 

The following students can be evaluated at the RCLD on a space available basis.

  • Students enrolled in the Technical College System
  • High school students in transition to college

University System of Georgia Students
  1. Contact the disabilities services professional (DSP) who is the designated liaison between the RCLD at Georgia State and your school
  2. Obtain a referral packet from the DSP.
  3. Complete the referral packet and return to the DSP, along with payment.
  4. The RCLD at Georgia State will then contact you to schedule the first appointment.
High School Students
  1. Contact the RCLD at Georgia State at 404.413.6245 or [email protected] to determine if there are spaces available for evaluation, and if so, to obtain a referral packet.
  2. Complete the referral packet and return it to the RCLD, along with payment.
  3. The RCLD at Georgia State will then contact you to schedule the first appointment.

**Note that high school students are scheduled on a space available basis.

Technical School Students

Contact the Access Office or Office of Disability Services at your institution for specific instructions.

All information gathered and sent to an RCLD will be kept strictly confidential.  Information about the student will not be released to any person or institution without the student's written permission.

The student, if 18 years or older, must also give permission in writing to be evaluated and for any information about the evaluation process or results to be shared with parents or the disability services providers.

The fee for the evaluation is $500.00.  A $250 deposit is also required.

Methods of payment include: Cash, check, money order, credit card.

An appointment is scheduled after the student's packet is received. The packet must be complete. If important information is missing, the RCLD at Georgia State will contact the disability services provider (DSP) or the student, prior to scheduling the appointment, seeking additional information. Time until the next available appointment varies at different times of the year and by the amount of referrals into the center.  We try to contact each individual within a few weeks regarding scheduling and availability.
The typical evaluation takes approximately eight to ten hours, usually scheduled over two days.  Some students may require additional time to complete the testing to fit their work speed and need for breaks, or to gather additional test data to better understand their learning difficulties. Additionally, a feedback appointment will be scheduled approximately 2-3 weeks after your final evaluation appointment to review the evaluation’s findings and any accommodations and recommendations.
The evaluation includes a clinical interview, and a battery of educational, psychological, and cognitive tests to assess a student's intellectual ability, academic achievement in core areas, (i.e., reading, math, and written language), strengths and weaknesses in processing information, and socio-emotional functioning.
After the evaluation is complete, each student is scheduled for an individual feedback session at the RCLD at Georgia State with a licensed psychologist. The session typically lasts from one to two hours. In this session, the psychologist will review the test results, make recommendations for academic accommodations and other support services, and answer any questions. The student may bring anyone to the session.

Following the feedback session, the student will receive a written report describing the evaluation results and recommendations, typically within 2-3 weeks after feedback.  This report will not be shared with anyone else without the student's written permission. In order to receive accommodations, however, the student must provide the disability services provider (DSP) with a copy of the evaluation report.

The feedback meeting is crucial to understanding the big picture. Once the assessment has been completed, all of the information gathered is carefully analyzed and included in the comprehensive assessment report. The results of the assessment and detailed recommendations are conveyed at this meeting to the student to ensure that the student understands his or her own learning profile of strengths and weaknesses, review any accommodations recommended, understand next steps at their college or university, discuss any diagnoses,  and review any other recommendations the evaluator may have. This is also a time for the student to ask questions in regards to results.
Evaluation at the RCLD is not required. An evaluation performed by any qualified professional can serve as documentation of a disability.  This documentation must be presented to the disability services office at the student's college or university, and be reviewed to ensure that it contains the information required by the Board of Regents. It is important to be sure that the professional who will perform the evaluation is aware of the Board of Regents policy, so that all the necessary information can be included in the written documentation.
We have both beginning and advanced practicum students working in the center as they learn to do evaluations, as well as staff psychologists, who have extensive training in evaluation and assessment, on our assessment team. Cases are assigned to students in training and to staff psychologists.  Each student case is closely supervised by a licensed psychologist and all cases are staffed by the entire team of licensed psychologists as well as the evaluator.
The University System of Georgia Board of Regents has established a set of criteria for acceptance of outside evaluations. If you have been tested within 3-5 years of the time you will access accommodations at your University System of Georgia (USG) institution, you may submit your evaluation to the disabilities services provider at the USG institution you are attending to see if it meets these criteria. If it does, no further evaluation is necessary. If not, the disabilities services provider will explain what additional testing is necessary in order for your documentation to meet RCLD guidelines.
Not necessarily. Each of these testing agencies has their own criteria for documenting disabilities. It is highly recommended that you look at the requirements for the test that you plan to take. Here are links to websites regarding disability services for students seeking accommodations:

  1. ACT
  2. SAT
  3. GRE
  5. LSAT
  6. GMAT
  7. MCAT